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Well-Whole Technology Co.,Ltd. is established in the year of 2005, which is a professional Bluetooth design and manufacturing company. Due to the accelerated growth of Wireless network and mobile phone communications systems in recent years, we focus on Bluetooth customization services for our OEM/ ODM partners and distributors. With our expertise in RF designing, application software integration, and hardware designing, we are not looking for the maximum of quantities, but looking for the differentiation of products. Therefore, we can provide solutions to own branding companies for an even more diverse selection.




Products List


USB Dongle
WBD-210   WED-210V4  

Stereo Headset
HCB55   WBS-802  WBS-D3   WBS-EH01
WBS-805  Back-Hang  
Mono Headset
WBH-802   WBH-A10   WBH-B26   WBH-B82

Car Charger

Car Kit
WBC-301   WBC-303   WBC-305   BM-001

          WBS-H10 WBS-802 WBH-B82 WBH-B26 WBC-303

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