Features :

1. Bluetooth v1.2 complaint, CSR BC03 Chip
2. SiRF III GPS chip, can receive 20 channels of GPS signal.
3. Bluetooth Output level, 1mW ( 0dBm), class 2
4. Bluetooth 10 meters working range
5. Voice dialing out function by push POWER button on the car kit (subject to mobile phone support)
6. Big LCD display the information of GPS, Speed, Direction, Altitude, Longitude and Latitude.
7. Big LCD display with 14 digits for Caller ID and GPS information display
8. White color LED back lights.
9. Build in noise suppression microphone.
10. Automatic reconnection if Bluetooth link is disrupted
11. 1 watt speaker and Speaker’s volume is adjustable
12. Echo cancellation by high performance DSP build in BC03 chip.
13. Plug-in the car cigarette power 12/24 V, GPS --95mA , Talking --150mA , and-by –1mA
14. Provide 2 profiles, Hands-free profile and Headset profile, so Suitable with any Bluetooth enable phones.
15. Wide angle and anti-reflection glass mirror, 200C, 3M glue suitable high temperature in car.
16. Size 290 x 80 x 27 mm , Weight 340g

General Spec  

Standard Bluetooth V1.2
Link Mode ACL, eSCO (Extended Synchronous Connection-Oriented)
Data Rate :
Frequency Band ISM 2.4GHz
PAN, DUN, SPP, LAN, FTP, Synchronization,
Receiver Signal Range Better than –76dBm @0.1%BER
RF Output Power -6~+4dBm (Max +6 dBm)
Operating Distance Up to 10 meters
Operation Temperature -40~+85 Degree C
Storage Temperature -40 to +105 Degree C
Modulation GFSK(Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying)
Spectrum AFH (Adaptive Frequency Hopping)
Security Provided Pairing, Encryption, Authentication
Bluetooth Profile: Both Hands-free and Headset profile
Power : Input DC10~24V. Talking -100mA, Standby –20mA
Size : 290mm x 80mm x 47mm
Weight : 340g

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